Aaberg, Kemp   www.surfwriter.net

Alter, Hobie  www.hobie.com

August, Robert  www.robertaugust.com

Auster, Ken  www.kenauster.com

Baker, Bernie  www.surfermag.com 

Barris, George  www.barris.com

Baxter, Jackie  www.surfingwalkoffame.com 

Benson, Linda  www.surfher.net

Bishop Museum www.bishopmuseum.org

Boyd, Duke  www.dukeboyd.com/

Brewer, Art  www.artbrewer.com/ 

Brewer, Dick  www.brewerhawaii.com/ 

Brown, Bruce  www.brucebrownfilms.com/

Brown, Dana  www.imdb.com/name/nm1440144/

Brown, Woody www.ofwindandwaves.com/ 

Cabell, Joey  www.charthousehonolulu.com 

Calhoun, Marge  http://surfing.about.com 

California Surf Museum  www.surfmuseum.org

Carroll, Corky  http://www.corkycarroll.com/

Catri, Dick  http://www.surfguru.com/Dick Catri

Chew, Richard  www.surfingwalkoffame.com

Church, Ron  www.ronchurch.com

Codgen, Claude  http://sunshinesurfboards.com

Cole, Peter  www.surfersvillage.com/article

Copeland, Bing  www.bingsurf.com/history.html

Craig, Don  Old Guys Rule

Dahl, John  www.waxresearch.com/history/

Dale, Dick  http://dickdale.com/

Devine, Jeff  http://www.jeffdivinesurf.com/

DiMenna, Ron  www.ronjons.com

Doyle, Mike  www.mikedoyle.com

Ekstrom, Carl  hydrodynamica.blogspot.com/

Frye, Skip  http://en.wikipedia.org/Skip_Frye

Fuller, Jim  http://surfariswipeout.com/

Graham, Richard  www.surfingmagazine.com

Grannis, Leroy  wiki - Grannis Accompliments

Grigg, Ricky  www.theglide.com/RickyGrigg

Hackman, Jeff  www.surfline.com/jeffhakman

Hansen, Don  www.hansensurf.com

Hemmings, Fred  http://www.surfline.com/fh

Herzog, Fredrick (Zog)  www.sexwax.com

Hoffman, Walter  www.hoffmanfabrics.com

Holland, Bob  http://www.vshfm.com

Hollinger, Kimo  http://hollingerbrandsurf.com

Hollingshead, Bill  www.bhptalent.com

Hope, Dale  www.thealohashirt.com/dale-hope/

Jacobs, Hap  www.hapjacobssurf.com

Kahanamoku, Duke  www.dukekahanamoku.com

Kampion, Drew  www.drewkampion.com

Kegel, Robbie http://www.gatoheroi.com

Kekai, Albert (Rabbit)  wiki for Rabbit

Kohner, Kathy  wiki for Kathy “Gidget” Kohner

Legendary Surfers  www.legendarysurfers.com

Meistrell, Bill & Bob  www.surfingwalkoffame.com

Morey, Tom  www.tommorey.com

Morgan, Bev  www.internationallegendsofdiving.com Munoz, Mickey  www.mickeymunoz.com/

Noll, Greg  www.gregnoll.com

O'Neill, Jack  www.oneill.com

Pezman, Steve  www.surfersjournal.com

Rice, Johnny & Rosmari  www.johnnyrice.com

Schmidt, Richard  www.richardschmidt.com

Sound of the Surf http://soundofthesurf.com

Stewart, Bill  www.stewartsurfboards.com

Surfing for Life  www.surfingforlife.com

Surfing Heritage Foundation  www.surfingheritage.org

Surfing Walk of Fame  www.surfingwalkoffame.com/

Surf Rider  www.surfrider.org

Surfers Journal  www.surfersjournal.com 

Surfline  www.surfline.com

Sweet, Dave  www.davesweetsurfboards.com

Torrance, Dean  www.jananddean.com

UCSD Cancer Center  www.longboardluau.org

Velzy, Dale  http://www.surfboardsbyvelzy.com/

Warshaw, Matt  www.mattwarshaw.com

Weaver, Robert  www.surfhistory.com/html/profiles/ Dewey Weber  www.deweyweber.com

Wise, Bill  http://www.billwisesurfs.com/

Yater, Renny  www.yater.com

Yerkes, “Balsa” Bill  www.balsabill.com

Young, Nat  www.natyoung.com

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